Cloud 9 Laminate Bag

Posted: Dec 08 2017

Cloud 9 Laminate Bag


Fabrics used: (outer) (inner) (straps) 

+++++ Grommets 

Step 1: Print pattern and cut out fabric. 

Step 2: Sew Straps (2.5" wide x required length serged in half then turned right side right and topstitched) (or purchase webbing! 

Step 3: Sew the four seams of the liner.

Step 4: Place/Pin the straps between the outer material, and serge the four pieces together. 

Step 5: Fold bottom (circular) piece into fours pin each pannel piece to a fourth, until circle is complete; serge/sew. (repeat for lining as well)

Step 6: Sew lining and outer together, right sides together, leaving a turn hole, turn and topstitch. 

Step 7: Apply grommets, two per panel, eight in total. Sew string for closure (serge/sew turn and close off ends). Weave through grommets. 

Step 8: Trim any loose threads and complete! (Makes a good Christmas Present too!)



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