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Welcome Fall, Cozy Slipper Tutorial


With fall in the air, there is no better time to get sewing some soft and cozy booties for your ittle ones. 

Getting Started:

Hemp Fur - vegan 

Bamboo Organic Cotton Velour 265gsm - Natural

Herringbone- Simple Life Collection by Monaluna - Organic Cotton CANVAS (MONALUNA)

Scrap Leather


Plastic Snaps (can be subsituted for velcro)


Printing out your pattern, ensure scalling is off and printer is set to print at 100% (comment below with your email to have the free 18-24M slipper pattern emailed to you) 

Begin by tracing and cutting your fabric (I suggest fabric chalk, I purchase from my local sewing center) 

    Be sure you have enough thread in your bobbin, or a spare bobbin ready! 


Pin or wonderclip the seams to avoid the fabric shifting.

Sew the seam of pattern pieces 1 and 2 as illustrated in the pattern (wrap around portion of the slipper) 

I suggest ironing before topstitching 

I suggest using a topstitching foot to help with maintaining an even topstich. 


Sew the seam, iron and topstitch pattern piece 3 following the dotted lines on the pattern to leave a 3/4" topstitch on the upper part. 


Sew your lining fabric and your leather together for the sole (Pattern piece 4), I use a wider stitch length when doing so. 

Pin your center heel piece (4) and wrap piece (1) I suggest starting at the starting point sewing from center to end then back from center to the alternate side to ensure no fabric shifts. 


Pin pattern piece 2, pining at the marked portion of the sole (4) and toe cover (2). Sew along the seam (dont forget to cut where marked on the lining fabric of pattern piece 2). 

Pattern piece 3 is next to be sewn on the innerside of pattern piece 1. I suggest doing a zigzag stitch or serging around the outer edge of the sole piece. 

Flip the slipper right side right. 

 Fasten a safety pin on the end of the lastic and thread the elastic through the casing of the heel piece and into the the toe piece of the slipper.  

As every child is different it is best to measure the required length of the elastic needed. Finish by tying the elastic in a knot. 

 Now it is time to add your snaps (as marked on pattern piece 1) 

Enjoy :)

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