• Balloon Pants - 30301 -  Minikrea sewing pattern - 4-10 yr (4823.90.00.95)
  • Balloon Pants - 30301 -  Minikrea sewing pattern - 4-10 yr (4823.90.00.95)


Balloon Pants - 30301 - Minikrea sewing pattern - 4-10 yr (4823.90.00.95)
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This is an actual PAPER PATTERN!! No PDF files or downloading to print at home. This is the real deal and will be shipped to you!

PATTERN DESIGNER: MiniKrea Denmark Desgined by Anja Christensen

PATTERN: 30301 - Ballon Pants

AGE: 4-10 years
Super sweet balloon trousers with plenty of baggy effect
for the toddlers. Simple lines with great fit.
With lining and elastic casing at hem.
Interesting design, that looks adorable. Soft, comfortable and very simple to sew, this design creates completely new looks, depending on the fabric used.
They can be made single or double layered and varied to fit boys or girls...
On the back of the pattern sheet you will find sketches and directions to use in designing your own balloon trousers.
The pattern is designed for thin or medium weight woven fabric. They can also be made in knit fabric, but then the baggy look will be different.
Fabric - 140 cm wide x 85 / 90 / 95 / 100 cm long
Lining - 140 cm wide x 65 / 75 / 85 / 95 cm long
Ribbing - min. 55 cm wide x 25 cm for all sizes
Elastic - 5 mm wide

Always remember to prewash your fabric!

This pattern is written in Danish, to download the ENGLISH INSTRUCTIONS CLICK HERE:
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