• Bamboo Plush Flannel (5209.11.00.00)


Bamboo Plush Flannel (5209.11.00.00)
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Bamboo Plush Flannel
This is a one-of-a-kind in our shop.
This is extremely soft and luxurious. Great for cloth diaper making, mama cloth, breast pads, baby blankets + more!
weight: 385gsm
Width: 150cm or 59"
Length: 19.5"
70% bamboo 30% organic cotton
***disclaimer: please note that this fabric can vary slightly lot per lot due to the procedures involved in producing the nap of this fabric - it is advised to sample our current lot if you have used this fabric previously***
****PLEASE NOTE: all textiles are sold per 1/2meter/yard
If you require 1 full meter = QTY 2, 2 meters = QTY 4 etc...
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