12 sewing ideas for your scraps

12 sewing ideas for your scraps

I don't know about you, but after some binge sewing I get a hefty pile of scarps to contend with. So what can we do with the scraps? We came up with a fun list of 12 different ideas of scrap busting projects:

  1. Scrunchies - Who doesn't love a good scrunchie? I know I always have scrap fabric and elastic kicking around my sewing room. (Image and link from A little craft in your day)
  2. Scrap Quilt - A quilt is a blanket made from love! I have seen some beautiful quilts made from old clothing (babies and children) and scrap fabric like the Confetti Quilt from Stitched in Color!
  3. Face Mask - Face masks are around to stay, for a while anyways. So lets have some fun, get creative and use up some scraps to keep ourselves safe. Love this face mask pattern from Shannie Makes (image from Shannie Makes)
  4. Decorations - Search Scrap Fabric Decorations on Pinterest and be prepared for a flood of super cool ideas and crafts to use up your scraps. 
  5. Mug Cozy - Everyone wants to be cozy when the cold hits... even your mugs! Check out this free pattern for a Coffee Cozy from Melly Sew's (picture from Melly)
  6. Head Bands - I don't know about you but my hair has a mind of its own and I can never have enough elastics or headbands kicking around. Try 1 or 4 of these tested Headband Tutorials from Swoodson Says.
  7. Camera Strap Cover - I love the Idea of being able to personalize my camera strap. I found this great tutorial to help do just that! Check out this Scrappy Camera Strap from Flamingo Toes. (picture from Flamingo Toes)
  8. Throw Pillow Cover - Just like making a quilt from scraps, adopt the same process and make  beautiful, eclectic pillow covers for you home or gifts. 
  9.  Beanie - Where we live in Ontario, Canada there's varying degrees of cold. During fall and Spring there's time when you want your head covered but not necessarily a toque. A slouchy beanie pattern for the family is exactly what I need, from Melly Sew's (Picture from Melly)
  10. Barbie or Doll clothes - My daughter is just getting into Barbie's and cannot get enough different outfits, so being able to sew cute little outfits for Barbie on all her different adventures is a plus. Checkout this blog with 10 different patterns for Barbie, from Premeditated Leftovers
  11. Sleep Cap - There's many reasons to want to sleep with a sleep cap, its great for a deep conditioning, curly hair or if you are prone to knotted hair from sleeping (my girls). I found this great pattern for a shower cap and used left over fabric I had to make one for sleep instead of the shower. Sew Shower Cap tutorial from Melly Sew's (she has tutorials for everything!)
  12. Scrap Binding - I love the idea of using your scarp materials for binding! How smart! I found this great Tutorial for How to Scrap Binding from The Sewing Loft. (picture from the sewing loft)

I know I will be using a bunch of these ideas for my scarp pile. What are some of your favorite things to do with scraps? 

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