6 eco friendly spring cleaning ideas

6 eco friendly spring cleaning ideas

Every year when the melting snow and first blooms signal the start of a new season, people all over break out their brooms and prepare for the annual spring cleaning.

The months spent cooped up inside have made our living spaces seem cluttered, dirty, and in need of some TLC. Getting our homes in order at this time of year leaves us free to relish the freshness of the new season without worrying about the dirt and clutter indoors.

So here is our list of eco-friendly spring cleaning ideas:

1) Make the switch to non-toxic and biodegradable cleaning products

2) Hang your curtains, laundry, etc outside to dry on warm days. 

3) Say goodbye to paper towels and use cloth instead.

4) Reuse and repurpose. We see a lot of purging in the spring, which is great to declutter, but could we be repurposing items in other areas or for other uses?

5) Use stovetop potpourri or essential oil blends in place of an air freshener.

6) Use vinegar, baking soda, or lemon for cleaning alternatives. Replace plastic containers with glass refillable spray containers. 


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