Brand Feature - Merchant & Mills

Brand Feature - Merchant & Mills

Carolyn Denham and Roderick Field began Merchant & Mills in 2010 with the intention of bringing style and purpose to the overlooked world of sewing.

They decided to put style to work in their presentation and packaging, as a language that would attract the very people that had overlooked sewing. Equally, they were determined to include the steadfast makers and menders who had continued with the practice regardless of current trends.

In supplying patterns, fabrics, and tools that allowed the creation of a desirable functioning wardrobe; they offered a viable, wearable alternative to the increasingly indistinguishable options of the high street fashion.

Merchant & Mills continues to grow steadily, evolving and developing as experience and ideas demand. Carolyn and Roderick now travel the world in search of unique and beautiful fabrics, finding aesthetic and practical inspiration along the way. Merchant & Mills products are stocked in the world’s most respected outlets and the company has successfully collaborated with London’s V&A Museum and Alexander McQueen.

New patterns and products emerge, never rushed to market, but slowly developed to be exemplary, desirable, and pragmatic.

Their ethos is to respect the roots of sewing, from trade to home dressmaking, as they enable and inspire more people to find the satisfaction of simply making. To this end, they have published three instructive, illustrated books.

We love getting new shipments in from Merchant and Mills! From their fabric, patterns, hardware, and books. We are always impressed with the quality and inspired to create!

You will find their products throughout our store or can search for them directly and see all of what we carry from this incredible brand. 

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