Maker Monday featuring Maryke Dolls!

Maker Monday featuring Maryke Dolls!

Welcome back to a long-overdue Maker Monday featuring Maryke (Mah-RYE-kah) Dolls! You cannot scroll past Maryke Dolls profile on Instagram without stopping to marvel at the sweet, whimsical and beautifully intricate heirloom dolls that Robyn creates. Each one is unique and has its own little personality. Dressed in handmade and hand knit clothing, these collector dolls are not for rough and tough children with grimy hands, these are for adults and children who appreciate handcraft and the finer things! These dolls are the type to be loved for years and handed down to generations to come. Here is what Robyn has to say about Maryke Dolls:

What do you make? 

Heirloom art dolls

Who is your customer?

Mostly doll lovers. What I mean by that is that the vast majority of my customers are adults who buy my dolls for themselves, not for their children. They’re looking for something detailed to enjoy and display as a stand alone piece or part of a larger doll collection. Sometimes they do buy them for their kids too, though! I just recommend they wait until choking hazards are no longer an issue and the doll can be played with gently. 

How did you get started?

I started by collecting fabrics and sewing things that made me happy. I’ve always loved dolls, so naturally I ended up there.

Where are you located?

Halton Hills, Ontario, Canada

Why are eco-certified and organic fabrics important to you?

Sustainability is a big deal to me. If materials are not organic or repurposed/recycled somehow, I really try to limit my use of them. Textile production and waste have a huge impact on our planet, which means it has a huge impact on vulnerable communities and ecosystems. I’m still learning as I go about the best products to use and when, but it’s important to do that work and strive to make better choices. 

How did you find Simplifi?

I also prefer to shop local! A google search for online fabric distributors in my province led me to Simplifi’s website.

What is your favourite kind of fabric to use for your business and why?

For doll bodies, wool, cotton faux fur, fleece or mohair. For their clothes, organic cotton, vintage linens, often accessorized with something knitted in wool yarn. I love including as many different textures in my dolls as possible. I'm happy to see that Simplifi offers organic options for most of these materials. 

Check out more of these amazing little creatures over on Maryke Dolls Instagram, or if you want to purchase one, you can go to the website here. 
Thanks for stopping by! xo M
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