Maker Monday featuring Thistle&Grove!

Maker Monday featuring Thistle&Grove!

It is a big deal to parents to provide the very best for their babies. If you had to choose between a tacky plasticky teether and a handcrafted wood and organic fabric teething toy, the choice is pretty clear. Lisa from Thistle&Grove hand crafts each teether to ensure that you are getting the best quality for your precious babies. I'm not a parent, but when I saw Thistle&Grove's teethers for the first time I thought, yes, this is something special! They are adorable, and quite beautiful in their intricate knots and stitched bunny ears, not to mention the amazing photography and perfect styling on their Instagram! I think these would make an amazing baby shower gift and a meaningful keepsake! Here's what Lisa had to say about Thistle&Grove:

Tell me a bit about your company:
What do you make? 

Hi! My name is Lisa, owner of, and maker at ‘Thistle&Grove.’ in the small town of Newcastle, Ontario. My little company is a one woman show! Although my husband, a graphic designer, did all of my branding. I make 100% organic teething toys for babies.

How did you get started?

Our daughter was born in December of 2019 and started teething pretty early on. All the teething toys we had were much too big for her teeny tiny mouth, plus too big and heavy for her little hands to hold. This is how it all started, with a small maple wood ring that I crocheted 100% recycled T-shirt fabric on to. Super light weight and so easy for her to hold. From there the ideas just took off!

Each teether has an actual name. The entire existence of our products is owed to our daughter, Vienna. Without her in our life we would have never even dreamed of creating a business like this. So we named a teether after her. That got me thinking, about all those 'littles' in our lives. Every single one of them, special and unique in their own way. What better way to show them and their parents how important they are to us? So we named a teether after each one of them!

Why are eco-certified and organic fabrics important to you?

It was important to me that everything I use is eco-certified and organic because you can never be too safe when it comes to babies. Ever since I had my daughter I have been extra cautious with things we use around the house and toys we give her. Keeping that in mind, I use natural untreated maple wood and beech wood. But I still needed fabric, so I scoured the internet for the best fabric for the job. I found ‘Simplifi Fabric’ on Etsy and instantly fell in love. And if I thought I couldn’t love their product more, the fabric came in compostable mail! I chose to use Simplifi’s Organic Cotton Flannel for my ‘bird wings and bunny ear’ teethers because it is sturdy but has a nice soft texture. I hope to use their linen fabric soon as well!

Happy teething!

As you can see, Lisa is very passionate about creating the best quality and most beautiful teething toys for babies. Each one is unique just like the babies who will use them, and the families that will cherish them! To order, or for more information DM Thistle&Grove on Instagram!

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