Unpaper Towels - Tutorial

Unpaper Towels - Tutorial

We were recently made aware that our eco-friendly fabric like bamboo, organic cotton, or hemp terrycloth was featured in an article in Chatelaine, all about eco-friendly and sustainable alternatives to paper towels. So we made our own easy to follow tutorial for un-paper towels.

We started by folding a half meter of 3 different fabrics  - there are Hemp Organic Cotton terry 340gsm, bamboo french terry 280gsm and organic cotton terry 340gsm


We took a folded half meter and cut it into 16 pieces by folding it in half and cutting, and then in half again and cutting. 


They are approximately 8x10" each.


We used a serger to bind the edges all the way around. You could use a sewing machine as well with an overcast stitch or a zip zag close to the edge, or you could bind the edges with bias tape for a nice neat finish.  

You could also leave the edges raw as they are all knit fabrics and won’t fray, but they wouldn't look as nice. Because they are a knit the edges would also curl a bit if not finished.

I know I’ll be making a set from my house, how about you?

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