Dear Simplifi Customers,

We have some new and exciting changes happening within Simplifi Fabric.

We wanted to let you know that effective immediately we have made the executive decision to have one Simplifi Fabric website. For those who did not know….. we had a Canadian and  U.S. shopping websites. This created a lot of work for our team behind the scenes and it is now time to simplify things. 

Going forward www.simplififabric.com and simplfifabric.ca are now one site.  The only change will be for the simplififabric.com customers who need to access their account on the new combined site. 

What are the next steps if you were a customer on the original www.simplififabric.com / USD site?

  1. Your account has been imported over to www.simplififabric.ca (this can also be accessed by www.simplififabric.com as it will redirect you)
  2. you will need to RESET your account password to activate the account (they are not connected on the back end! Please go to www.simplififabric.ca and request a password reset with the same account email used on the previous website.

Optional Steps:

  1. If you had loyalty points on the USD site, please email info@simplififabric.com with your name and account email and we can transfer your points (please make sure you reset/activate your account first!
  2. If you need copies of all your previous orders from the USD site, please email info@simplififabric.com to request invoice copies via email. Please make sure to include your full name and email address.

Pricing will remain the same, in Canadian dollars. However, for our US customers, please note you will be billed in Canadian funds effective immediately. You will be able to view product pricing in approximate value in any currency, however the final payment will always be charged in Canadian dollars. 

For reference, the current exchange rate is approximately $1CAD = $0.79USD.

Simplifi Fabric’s Timeline:

January 2012 - Kim & Tasha (mother and daughter) opened Simplifi Fabric on Etsy!

June 2012 - We opened our first online Shopify shop in USD, simplififabric.com

January 2016 - We duplicated our USD store and opened up a second Shopify website in Canadian funds, simplififabric.ca 

October 2020 - We dissolved our Etsy shop

July 2021 - We have dissolved the original USD website and have redirected all online traffic to our CAD site

July 28, 2021 - We now only have one website to shop on! www.simplififabric.ca / www.simplififabric.com 

Our journey through the past ten years has been an amazing and incredible experience and we thank all of you for your support and understanding. 

Happy Sewing,

Kim + Tasha + The Simplifi Fabric Team

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