8 zero waste sewing patterns

8 zero waste sewing patterns

So you've cut out all of your pattern pieces for your next sewing project. You've done a really good job at Tetris-ing your pieces together and cutting on a single layer in order to create as little waste as possible, but still there are a few scraps left over. Sure, there are lots of projects that you can do to use up those scraps – like our reusable makeup wipes here – but there will always be scraps leftover after that...You have a bin for all of your scraps, a bag you stash them in, a pillow you stuff them into, but will you actually use them one day? You have dreams of a scrappy quilt, but that seems intimidating and time consuming... You are an earth-conscious person so you will definitely never throw them out! Imagine a pattern that creates absolutely no waste and leaves no scraps! Well you don't have to imagine, because I have put together a list here of a few ingenious patterns that are cut from one single piece of fabric, and leave no waste behind!

  1. Cris Woods Envelope dress
  2. Schnittchen Patterns Zero Waste No. 1 (free dress and shirt pattern)
  3. Milan Av-JC Zero Waste Trench
  4. Milan AV-JC Zero Waste Wrap Dress ( yes, another one from these guys... seriously, check out their website, they have LOTS of great, wearable, zero waste patterns!)
  5. Elbe Textiles Maynard Dress
  6. Milan AV-JC Adonis Dress
  7. Elbe Textiles Zero Waste Robe (free!)
  8. Birgitta Helmersson Zero Waste Gather Dress

We know that our customers are serious about doing their part to reduce their impact on the environment, and we love you guys for that! The wonderful thing about zero waste sewing patterns like these, is that you can feel good about reducing your waste, while looking cool and fashionable in the process!

Thanks to everyone who has read my blog posts over the last year. I have had a great time writing them and have learned a lot along the way.

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